Reducing Seams to Unlock Performance

Reducing Seams to Unlock Performance

The KP-S is the culmination of seven years of experience developing pants for paintball.  Largely maintaining the fabrics used in the KP1 and KP1.5, our goal with the KP-S was to simplify the design and reduce the number of seams.  We worked hard to reduce the number of seams for two reasons.

First, all of our seams are reinforced using a double needle lockstitch.  A lockstitch is an extremely strong stitch, but there is a trade off.  It does not stretch at all.  This limits the benefits of the stretch fabrics we use.  Anywhere there was a seam on the KP1 or KP1.5, that area of the pants could not stretch.  To address this issue, we eliminated the seams by the hips on the KP-S, enabling the fabric to stretch farther and give the player a greater range of motion.  The front and back panels of the KP-S are now one continuous piece of fabric.  In comparison, the KP1 and KP1.5 were comprised of three separate pieces.

Increased durability is the second benefit from reducing the number of seams.  While seam durability was never an issue with the KP1 or KP1.5, we wanted to further improve the durability of the KP-S.  Reducing the number of seams reduces the chance that a seam will rip.  This is especially true in areas of the pants, like the hips, that are especially stretched during sliding or diving.  Removing the seams in this area allows the fabrics to stretch when placed under tension and eliminates the risk of a seam tearing. 

We are excited to bring you the next iteration of the KP-S this year.  Please keep a look out for our e-mails and social media posts.  We will be sending out more information shortly about preorders and features!


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