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Kinetic Paintball

The Kinetic Hoodie

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After years of development and testing, the Kinetic Hoodie is here. Made with water resistant soft-shell fabric, the Kinetic Hoodie is designed to keep you warm and dry during those off-season practice sessions. 
SIZING - We recommend you select the same size for your Kinetic Hoodie that you would for your jersey


  • Water Resistant Soft-Shell Fabric - A water resistant soft-shell fabric will help keep you warm and dry during those cold winter months.
  • Innovative Panel Design - Each panel of the Kinetic Hoodie is designed with paintball in mind to ensure you never feel restricted when playing
  • Abrasion Resistant Elbow - The Kinetic Hoodie has abrasion resistant panels on the elbows for added durability
  • Slimming Waist - The Kinetic Hoodie has a slimming waist so you can tuck it into your jersey or into your pants to prevent the hoodie from bunching up when you put your pack on.